Charles Schwab Launches Recent Campaign to Millenials







Financial Institutions are getting the message: Revenue no longer resides with Boomers.  In order for banks, brokers and other finance companies to grow, they must shift their focus on Generation Next (those born in the 80s + 90s).  This generation is now out of college & out from under the wings of their parents: earning money & spending money like nobody’s watching.

But the banks are.

“Oh Chuck! I Blew My Cash” is new campaign starring Charles Schwab himself as he provides general counsel for hapless, young, buyers. In the spots, they recount their frivolous, impulsive purchases.  The fodder for the spots came from actual consumer submissions, making them all the more hilarious simply because they are true!  There’s also a social contest inviting Facebook users to confess their most regretable purchases for a chance at a Schwab account with $10,000.

The campaign is a cheeky look at a generation that needs to have it all; but Chuck does a good job of providing simple financial advice to help this generation ensure they can have it all in future years to come.

Check out the campaign + contest here and let us know…what are your thoughts on marketing to Gen X/Gen Y?

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