The Future of Financial Advisory

Here’s two enlightening articles about the shifting change of financial advisory.  “Retirement Income” will soon be the next buzzword & we should expect to see financial advisory firms directing more branding efforts to Gen X/Gen Y.

Retirement Income Will Be “Biggest Trend” Over Next Five Years
Ten of the 12 recordkeepers surveyed say an increasing focus on retirement income is among their top predictions for the next three-to-five years. And one-third of plan sponsors agree–the most frequently cited prediction among this group. Read more…

Advisors Must Get on the Gen X, Gen Y Bandwagon
They’re skeptical, cynical and probably way too dependent on mobile computing devices. But advisors who don’t make the effort now to target and cater to Generation X and Generation Y investors will pay a steep price in the next decade as their bread-and-butter Baby Boomer clients transition from wealth accumulators to wealth distributors. Read more…

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