Motif Investing: A New Way To Invest

With today’s shaky national (& global) economy, its all the more important that individuals take control of their finances. Gone are the days of pension plans, and who really knows if social security will be around come retirement age.

But, investing for yourself can be a daunting task. Motif Investing aims to reduce the stress of investing, by providing themed motifs, or ideas, for a user to invest in.  By focusing on everyday trends, Motif Investing takes the adage “buy what you know” to the max.  It takes the hard work of researching and reviewing technical & financial information out of the equation and empowers non-finance people to take control of their investments.  This is a truly disruptive investing method; no longer is investing only for MBAs. It will be interesting to see how this changes the competitive landscape for our financial clients & competitors.

Similar to ETFs, purchasing a Motif buys basket of similar stocks. Unlike ETFs, a Motif investor can change the ratio of stocks in your motif basket.  Motif investors can easily select a few different motifs to ensure diversification.  And the interface is beautiful. It feels more like browsing Pinterest & less like pouring over EPS, P/E ratios and stock charts on Yahoo! Finance.



This video details how it works. Check it out & share your thoughts:

YouTube Preview Image

Happy investing!

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