TurboTax Inner Circle Harvests Customer Testimonials (and Product Insights)

TurboTax’ Inner Circle is a community of individuals who help make tax preparation easier for millions of Americans by improving TurboTax. They are invited to exclusive events and discussions to provide valuable feedback and ideas on all areas of the product:

  • Receive invitations to work side-by-side with TurboTax teams
  • Participate in feedback sessions and let us know what is most important to you
  • Contribute ideas and opinions through the Idea Exchange

Note the YouTube playlist of (9, so far) testimonials from the Inner Circle

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NOTE: the wealth of expertise videos (harvesting SEO)

Free Tax Advice (8)

Students and Teachers Tax Tips and Tax Help from TurboTax (4)

Seniors and the Disabled Tax Tips and Tax Help from TurboTax (6)

Homeowners Tax Tips and Tax Help from TurboTax (15)

Get to Know the IRS – Audit Help and Advice | IRS Debt Help (16)

Family Tax Tips and Tax Help from TurboTax (17)

All About Common Income Tax Deductions (9)

Business Owner Tax Tips and Tax Help from TurboTax (4)

All About Basic Tax Forms and Tax Laws (7)

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