American Express Launch Twitter Hashtag Savings Scheme For Cardholders

For social media marketing to work, business and brands must realise that its a give and take relationship between them and the customer. Everyone wants to be talked about but you have to give a good reason for people to mention you on status updates and tweets, mainly offering something that they wouldn’t usually get.

American Express, who obviously have a considerable budget for this to work, is offering its cardholders a new reason to tweet about its promotional offers by offering savings for special hashtag tweets.

The company launched a ‘Tweet Your Way To Savings‘ campaign and site where its members can sync their American Express cards with Twitter and tweet special offer hashtags in exchange for savings in verified stores.

How it works is simple: Cardholders can sign in with Twitter to sync their account. When they have this step completed, they are then eligible to tweet any of the current hashtag offers out there to receive savings that are automatically applied when you make an eligible purchase. The campaign doesn’t require you to download digital coupons as it will be verified once you make the purchase.

Many brands have gotten involved in the campaign, including McDonalds, FedEX, Dell, Best Buy Deals and H&M USA. So for mentioning the company and the related brand, you can get savings for promoting those brands.

It’s an idea that’s been explored with many companies, the most recent example being Domino UK’s pizza auctionwhere each tweet relating to their deal took £0.01 off the final price, and it will be a trend that will continue as marketers and brands think up of different ways to get people talking about them online.

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