Fallon Brainfood: The Google+ Opportunity For Brands

Fallon’s Director of Innovation Marty Wetherall explains what Google+ is (other than the fastest growing site in history), why Google made it (the real inside sports stuff), why we should care (I mean, do we really need another social network?), and what it all means for brands (it’s bigger than you think).

Fallon Brainfood is a monthly all-agency lunch conducted by Fallon Planners. Wide-ranging topics explore trends, business issues, and actionable opportunities for our brands. Moreover, Brainfood offers us a chance to come together, share a beer and some pizza, and engage in a stimulating discussion on a variety of interesting topics that affect our business. Read more Brainfoods at http://www.slideshare.net/group/we-are-fallon/slideshows

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