Turbo Tax 2011 commercials tap B-list celebrities

In a move that seems odd, Turbo Tax tapped Tori Spelling, her husband, Dean, Brent Bailey and Ginger Gonzaga to promote the 2011 campaign. The idea behind the ad is that Turbo Tax makes it easy for you to get your money back. However, the message seems misplaced and thrown into the commercial. It starts with the group focused on wedding planning and moves to random excitement about the money Turbo Tax found for Brent and Ginger. They excitedly exclaim they are going to spend it to go to Hawaii. Tori then turns to Dean and asks why he can’t be as easy as Turbo Tax (which comes across as a complete non sequitur). The commercial ends with a viewthrough to TurboTax.com. Watch the 0:30 spot here: YouTube Preview Image And a second, equally unclear Access Hollywood Turbo Tax commercial with similar messaging: YouTube Preview Image

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