Featured Facebook Campaigns: Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt’s The Big Check Contest

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: Jackson Hewitt income tax preparers are sponsoring a user-generated media contest, The Big Check, asking users to generate videos about how customers can win with the company. Then Facebook users vote on the top 20 videos and Jackson Hewitt selects the final winner on tax day, April 18.

Method: We’ve written previously about the drawbacks of user-generated video contests. The upshot is that these types of contests require a lot on the part of users, and the Jackson Hewitt contest is no exception. Essentially the contest runs from February 25 to April 15; at stake are two checks for $10,000, one for the winner and one for a friend the winner selects. Users generate videos that feature a “Win Win” Jackson Hewitt flyer that users print out via the app and then ask their network to vote for their video. The videos are short, 3-20 seconds.

Impact: The Big Check Page has about 6,800 fans, but Jackson Hewitt made this contest Page separate from its own Page, which only has about 5,300 Likes. So, Jackson Hewitt won’t be able to reap the benefits of these 6,800 fans once the contest is over on its own Page. Thus far there are only 10 entries.

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