Hasbro Updates Monopoly for the 75th Anniversary

Wired’s Geek Dad column reports:

Image:Courtesy of HasbroImage:Courtesy of Hasbro

In 1935 Parker Brothers began selling the board game Monopoly for $2.00. Since then over 1 billion people have have bought and sold real estate in over 108 countries. Monopoly is celebrating 75 years of wheeling and dealing on family game nights with a modern makeover.

Monopoly:Revolution edition will feature a round board and no money. That’s right everyone gets a debit card to handle their transaction. This of course greatly reduces the chances of cheating, a fact my father will not be happy with. Banking transactions will be handled by an electronic banker which also serves as the dice, chance and community chest. There are also sound effects to accompany different events during the game. For instance when you go to jail you will hear the cell door closing behind you. Hit songs including “Drive My Car” and “Bad Day” help brings a new spin to the game.

3/4 of a century in the making,Monopoly:Revolution is the next step in the evolution of a classic board game.

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