What did Chase learn from its iPad sponsorship?

Mobile Marketer reports:

Chase Sapphire exclusive sponsor of New York TimesThe iPad provides an attractive canvas for advertisers

NEW YORK – JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Chase Sapphire, a rewards card targeting affluent consumers, achieved high interaction times and click-through rates for its rich-media iPad advertising campaign.

Chase’s ad campaign as the exclusive launch sponsor of The New York Times Editors’ Choice application for Apple’s iPad was discussed by an executive from T3, also known as the The Think Tank, at the digiday: Mobile conference. T3 collaborated with ZenithOptimedia and Medialets on the design of the Chase Sapphire ad units.

“The Chase Sapphire card is targeted at high-net-worth individuals, the top 15 percent of earners, so sponsorship of the New York Times’ iPad app made sense for us,” said Ben Gaddis, director of mobile at T3, New York. “The opportunity to be the exclusive sponsor of the iPad app was pretty interesting.

“The fact that Chase owned all of the inventory for the first 60 days gave us the opportunity to have uncluttered messaging to reach influential, forward-thinking early-adopters,” he said. “The types of people who buy an iPad in the first 60 days also show it to their friends.

“We wanted those people to own a Sapphire Card, and it is a niche audience, the top 15 percent of earners, and it is really hard to reach those folks—Chase’s target fit really well with the New York Times iPad audience.”

Chase Sapphire exclusive sponsor of New York TimesThe half-page ad unit

Chase Sapphire is the premier rewards card from Chase Card Services that includes travel services, incentives through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program and direct access to a dedicated service team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The New York Times Editors’ Choice application offers a selection of the latest news, business and technology news, opinion and features chosen by Times editors that can be downloaded automatically to iPad.

Chase what matters on the iPad
Chase Sapphire was the exclusive sponsor of the New York Times iPad application for the first 60 days starting from the day that the iPad debuted in stores.

Chase Sapphire exclusive sponsor of New York TimesChase Sapphire’s target demographic dovetails with the New York Times’ and the iPad’s core audience

The Editors’ Choice application launched with a full-page vertical and horizontal interstitial ad that provided a large interactive canvas for Chase Sapphire.

The card issuer’s goal was to drive users to a landing page to get more information about Chase Sapphire and apply for the card via a link on that page.

The opening interstitial ad unit was optimized for the iPad’s functionality. Depending on how a user tilted the iPad, a different reward appeared, spilling out of each side of the Chase Sapphire card.

There were 12 different rewards that the ad promoted related to airlines, resorts, ski trips and options for romantic dates.

In addition to the interstitials, the campaign also included half-page ads and banner ads with both landscape and portrait versions.

“The click-through rate the Chase Sapphire iPad ads achieved were 15 times the CTRs we normally see,” Mr. Gaddis said. “The user interaction times with the ad units were also very high.

“The No. 1 goal was driving card applications, and we saw a significant number of card applications driven through the iPad campaign—we got really good results for us,” he said. “There was also enormous PR value for us, as the campaign was featured in Mobile Marketer and a lot of the feature articles written about initial iPad advertisers.

“The campaign also gave us the opportunity to gain learnings for being first-movers.”

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